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August 26, 2013 / grcramer


IMG_0608Starting with some initial testing and research

August 26, 2013 / jskrajci

Hyposurface Wall

This wall, by dECOi Architects and MIT is an early precedent that we have studied.

August 26, 2013 / jskrajci

What are we doing?

As two Master of Architecture students, we are required to complete a thesis or a final project.  Since we both have an interest and previous experience with kinetic architecture, we are interested in exploring what kinetic architecture can achieve for us as designers.

Since this is the beginning of the project everything is still very vague.  To us kinetic architecture is architecture that moves.  Potentially combining computer programming with design.  We plan on defining a problem and exploring how kinetic architecture could be the solution.

For example, we came up with a problem while brainstorming.  What can we, as architects, do with all of an old and abandoned building?  Our early solution takes a new spin on historic preservation.  We propose the idea of a kinetic wall or installation.  This wall would provide:

  1. A better architectural experience
  2. Security
  3. Ventilation, air flow, light passing through
  4. Information
August 26, 2013 / jskrajci

Justin Krajci


In 2012, I received my B.A. in Architecture from Ball state University and I am currently working on my Master Degree in Architecture at Ball State.  Between Glenn and myself, we are using WordPress as an outlet to showcase our progress towards our thesis project.  In the coming days and weeks, we will explore several precedents that will help guide our final project.

August 24, 2013 / grcramer

Glenn Cramer

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In 2011 I received a Bachelors degree in Architecture and now I am on track to complete a Masters degree in Architecture from Ball State University. My thesis project starts here.